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Have you always wanted your own business where you define the rules and the profits?

Have you been passionate about the financial markets and have wondered with awe about the great potential it offers.

Do you have the people skills with the business skills to grow your own business in the world of financial markets?

If all of this rings a bell and makes you excited, we at “Star Fing”, have an irresistible offer for you.

We are providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to you to grow your own business, and take the financial markets by storm.

We are offering you a Franchisee of our broking business arm in collaboration with Familiar Brokers. They are providing Comprehensive and innovative Brokerage solution backed-up by reliable support services at extremely competitive prices to our clients.


The features of the deal are as follows:

Decide your own brokerage: You can decide what brokerage you want to charge from your clients, it can be as lowest price 10 to as high as Rs 5000/Crore or even more. Anything that lets you grow your business and gain desirable profits.

Share in profits: Whatever business/brokerage you generate, you can keep 70% of that and 30% has to be shared with the company. And as you go on to grow your business and meet certain business objectives you will be provided with incentives ranging from a higher percentage in brokerage to monetary rewards.

Back office support: We provide you with a back office dashboard to keep track of all your clients. It provides useful insights and analytics so that you get actionable insights for your business. When you partner with Starfing you can rest assured that you will be provided with the best back office support, may it be in terms of client on boarding, form filling, other general queries, trading queries or any problem or queries you face (if any).

Trading software: We provide you with the NEST trading platform. And also providing Mobile Platform services

  • Trading Platform – web-based and desktop-based trading facilities.
  • Online Back Office for easy access of investment records.
  • Electronic Communication – E – Contract Notes, Ledger Statements, and the like.
  • Dedicated team of Trained Executive to address all your concerns.

Advisory and research services: We will provide you with actionable advisory and research tips. We will share our research based on technical and fundamental factors and recommend stocks, commodities etc, in which you can trade if you wish to and you can also share this research with your fellow clients.

Logo visibility: It is necessary for you to make sure that our company’s logo is always highlighted and promoted, failure to do so may lead to termination of the business partnership.

Take benefit of this once in a lifetime offer. Write to us at